At SPO events you earn points. You earn points in 3 ways*: Participation Points, Placement Points and Attendance Points. You can see the actual breakdown of how this is tabulated here. (*Sit 'N Go events do not award Participation or Attendance Points)

If you do not see your name in the Standings, Monthly Points Leaderboard or the Wild Card Race, but you have played in an event, it is because you have not signed up as a VIP Member. All points earned are recorded for all players, VIP or not.  If you decide to sign up for  VIP Membership, all points previously earned will be displayed (please allow 24-48 hours).

average finish wild card : The Wild Card Race for Average Finish is calculated for all regular season tournaments in the SPO, and will not include any Special Events.  Your Average finish is derived by calculating the finish of each game as a decimal number, and averaging together each player's total games played this season.  The decimal is calculated based on what place you left each tournament IN RELATION TO THE ENTIRE FIELD.  For example: a player that finishes 1st in every tournament would have a 1.000 average, while a player that finished 12th of 24 players in one tournament and 15th of 30 players in another, would have a .500 average.

Please note:  Sit 'N Go and Ring Divisions will not qualify for this Wild Card.

In addition, to qualify for this Wild Card seat, you MUST have played in a MINIMUM of 16 games in the Double Header Division, 8 games in the Bounty Division, or 8 games in the the Deep Stack Dinner Division.  It is possible to mix/match your games from each of the Divisions.  At the close of the season, the VIP Member at the top of the this list who hasn't earned an invitation by any other means, will receive an invitation to the Championship.

Wild Card Race - Average Finish

RankPlayerAverage# of Games
1Laurie Johnson0.7633
2Kurt Schendel0.7478
3Earl Hunt0.69413
4Darnell Holder0.6839
5William Darkow0.67422
6Kirk Charles0.66915
7Mark Baus0.66518
8Kevin West0.6529
9Annie Campos0.63920
10Ariel Levy0.61825
11Ian Ouimet0.59414
12Adam Goodrich0.57013
13Susan Robinson0.56120
14Roger Manty0.5497
15Phil Cordier0.54918
16William Yeung0.54833
17Bobby Videna0.54240
18Scott Carpenter0.51922
19Leonid Orlov0.48912
20Joel Parker0.47136
21Chad Bundy0.46710
22Rick Gleason0.45636
23Dave Brummett0.42221
24Mong Kon Mo0.34415
25Arren Parker0.3362
26Jason Cortese0.1431

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